Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to prevent and reverse cancer


Dah lama perap info ni, copy & paste daripada tenet. Tapi info nie bagus diamalkan untuk mengelakkan kanser dan juga merawat kanser secara natural.

Jom baca.

Top rated, anti-cancer action steps

Over the years, I've interviewed hundreds of health experts and they all agree that our lifestyle choices have a profound effect on our physiology. To live life cancer-free - we must create an environment unfriendly to cancer cells. Here are some great tips:

Eat organic fruits and vegetables. (raw - as much as possible)
Drink organic, vegetable juice. (dark leafy greens are best)
Drink natural spring water or filtered water.
Do colon cleansing. (detoxification is a must)
Exercise - most days of the week. (try some yoga)
Enjoy time in the sun. (don't over do it)
Breathe fresh air. (walk in nature or at the beach)
Develop loving relationships.
Take time to relax. (quiet the mind)
Create good sleeping habits. (early to bed, early to rise)
Minimize or eliminate the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking.
Don't over-cook your food. (no microwaves!)
Eliminate plastic bottles or tap water.
Avoid (chronic) stress and negative emotions.
Protect yourself from EMF pollution. (get grounded)
Remove dental amalgams. (mercury is a killer)

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035957_prevent_cancer_reverse_chemotherapy.html#ixzz2ss6mU7Vg

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